Sunday, October 21, 2007


We are settling in to post surgical life. The weekend for the most part has been positive. There have been a few bumps along the this road of recovery. Nausea comes and goes. Pain is getting less, requiring less meds. The flowers, the food, the visits and the bountiful support has been wonderful.


Laura's Blog said...

Hi Anna Marie,
Hi Guys,

How about a late lunch or grocery delivery from Whole Foods on my way home from the studio on Tuesday around 3:00 pm. We could do a little meditation and breath work if you're feeling up to it. Let me know if that sounds good.

Love Laura

amy said...

Hi Anna Marie,
I am so glad to hear how well you are doing! Great blog!
I just got your message from this afternoon and am on my way out for this evening but wanted to respond asap. I would be happy to work with your friend. You can give me her tel# to set up a time to see her, at her place if necessary.
Again so glad to hear of your recovery and good spirits with lots of friends and family.
All the best-Amy 466-0607 P.S. How is your foot doing? If you would like a foot massage anytime, I would be more than happy to oblige. (smile)

amp said...


Unknown said...

Dear Amp Larry Nina and Marc -- sending love -- wish I could send some of the gorgeous weather. I keep replying to your blog -- but my computer either crashes -- or it sometimes doesn't show my comment -- I guess blogging is not to be my means of communication. Hope this works -- and you have a healing day basking in the love of friends and family. xox Gretta

schneidereye said...

HI guys. If you need help tomorrow afternoon, I can come over...Let me know. Hope all is well...NOt sure how to sign onto your schedule...

Sandi Silbert said...

Hi Anna Marie,

Great hearing your voice today if only for a few minutes. I would love to come visit sometime this week and bring you whatever food you crave.
Call (664-3806) or email me when you have a minute. Wishing you continued healing.

Love Sandi

Millie said...

Hi Amp and Larry, it was great to see you when you got home..I plan to be over about 9am on tuesday. Let me know otherwise or if you want me to get/bring/pick up something for you?? I am also good at shipping/mailing as I do that alot, so if you have anything that needs to go out, I'll package it and ship it. - val

Ophelia Chong said...

hi anna marie!!
i need to give you a call! do you need anything? i am around this week working and driving around. and once you are able to get in a car, i will take you for a foot massage and treats. XXOO

Millie said...

Hi amp and larry, I sent you a regular email about this morning, are you getting mail in your AFI address?