Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The blog has been quiet, not to worry - only the quiet before the onslaught, at least that is what I suspect. For you easterners who might be worried about the fires that seem to be burning most of southern california, we are distant from the fires and comparatively safe. AMP is recovering which means dealing with the pain which continues to be poorly understood by the medical community, I think every doctor should have a mastectomy or open heart surgery before getting their license to practice, since many of them lack empathy in the more sophisticated sense of being able to feel something for another than they haven't experienced themselves. While AMP continues to cope amidst a sea of support, I have returned to work and feel a little distant, the slight pain of removal from AMP's moment to moment experience.

Wednesday is a big day. We will be meeting with surgeon and oncologist, get the final pathology report as well as develop the treatment plan;


kanani bell said...

Hola, you'se guys! I'm so technically retarded I didn't have a google account set up... Anyway, just a note to let you know we're thinking of you and keeping up with the progress, etc. Take care, don't take any wooden pickels and try to avoid the wild fires.
Love, K&S

Rochelle said...

desk is now rodent free (yes that was me) and can sit down now without fear of ankle bites and get caught up with you! convio summit was great... really missed you there. shared some with todd and steph this morning and we're crackin on fest! have so much to tell you, but in short, we ALL want to go to austin next year... can you say roadtrip??? glad you are home now. love, rochelle