Saturday, October 20, 2007

AMP is still home

AMP's first evening went smoothly, pleasantly, and uneventfully. We are surrounded by beautiful flowers, community love and support, and the salivating promises of food dishes and exotic treats to come. We will need some company/coverage over the first week that AMP is home. We will need help during the following time periods:

Tuesday 10/23
Morning – covered
Wednesday 10/24
Morning - covered
Afternoon - covered
Evening - covered
Thursday 10/25
Evening - covered
Friday 10/26
Morning - covered
Evening - covered

Just because certain time periods are covered doesn't mean we wouldn't welcome a visit and aditional help. Sometimes too many cooks are an enhancement


Gale said...

I can come Tuesday evening, also wanted to come by later this afternoon if appropriate.
you look so greaat in your photo!!!

Unknown said...

Dear LDA,
I guess my first message never posted, so I started over with a new google acct.. I love the blog, AMP and you look terrific! Adam just left (he drove down for my b'day - yesterday). I'm hoping to clear some days in a row so I can come to L.A. Just want you to know you're in my thoughts and prayers. I love you,

Marion said...


Wow- what a fantastic blog- I feel so privileged to be a part of all this- as you're all booked this week eveningwise, I will try to stop by one afternoon this week after I drop Lola off across the street as I do every day- if that's okay-
sandi said all went well-thinking positive thoughts AM-

huge hug-

Unknown said...

wish we could come over and cook you some paella. Glad you are home and know there are good cooks around -- including your husband and daughter. It is a beautiful autumn day and wish I could send you some of the blue sky and brilliant colors. Juliana and Bill both send their love -- as do I. (and you do look great in your photo!)xoxo Gretta

coconutH2O said...

I'm 80 percent certain that I can take the Friday afternoon shift, but won't know for certain until later Wednesday ... thanks for understanding!

Kimberly King-Burns