Saturday, November 17, 2007

Por Que No Te Callas? Wig #4

Sorry Folks - Doesn't get any blonder than this! - amp

Ugly AMP - Wig #3

In the spirit of Ugly Betty and Flight of the Conchords, I give you a TV promo writer/producer for a new era -

How I long for the good old days, staying up all hours of the evening, squeezing credits and adding laffs and sfx to America's Funniest Home Videos . . . and then coming home to a baby and 5 yr-old. And you thought dealing with chemo and scrabble requires stamina!

On Strike - Wig #2

Who's Got the Bandwidth for This?

This one's for busy days back at the office contemplating the impact of the current WGA strike on my career. As I sidl
ed up to the red light at Paramount Studios heading west on Melrose the other day, my attention was caught by a megaphone plea to "Honk if you love TV" which was eliciting feeble - actually – NO, honking response of support. Now, if I'd been asked to honk if I loved writers, that would be one thing - but this required thought. Do I love TV? All TV? Cable TV? HiDef? Interactive? Mired in this dilemma, I floated aimlessly through the red light to the dismay of vehicles heading east, trying to turn left into the studio lot (most of which I'm sure were filled with studio executives). Well, of course they started honking furiously to the cheers of the picketing potential wage-slaves! You see - even on disability, one can make a difference!

Check out Colbert for more on WGA strike:


Friday, November 16, 2007

Piersimoni charged with lying and
cheating under oath on steroid use

Times Staff Writers

Silver Lake – Anna Marie Piersimoni has admitted to charges of steroid use amid wide speculation that her power-hitting, cancer-blasting, spouse-whipping scrabble match was artificially boosted by one of the infamous steroid medications distributed to mitigate side effects of chemotherapy. After taking husband Larry Brooks by a whopping 3 points in a tightly contested, low-scoring, highly medicated game, AMP tested positive for steroids. She emphatically denied cheating or use of any other "performance enhancing substances" beyond the typical steroid dexamethasone, mangosteen juice, gardenia aromatherapy oil and some medical marijuana. This was Piersimoni's first chemotherapy treatment and first use of these steroids "What accounts for all those pre-cancer scrabble wins at the beach when we were just dating ? Or in those long sitter-less Friday nights during the early child-rearing years of our marriage? How come I won all those then, huh?" No further details were provided, but that revelation figures to complicate AMP's efforts to negotiate a free-agent contract for next season.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just for the Record

The last two words in that scrabble game were "ego" played by Larry and "id" played by me - twice, which gave me 12 points. At that point I ran out of tiles and he had to subtract one. The nurses then offered him some chemo for the next time . . . just to let him get up to speed.

The first Chemo Treatment

First Chemo is behind us. AMP tolerated the treatment well. We played scrabble for the duration of the treatment. AMP cheated, used the cancer card, marshalled the other cancer patients who were getting chemo and the nurses to her corner and only beat me by 3 points. I am ready for a rematch. but will have to wait another 3 weeks. After the treatment, we went home, had a normal dinner, and helped Marc on an essay he was working on. We realize that we are only at the beginning, but it is reassuring that things started out so well.

A Clearing in the Would

Hi All - sorry it's been a while, but I've been busy with visits, home care and AFI FEST film festival (very wonderful festival btw), cherishing a few days with the semblance of normalcy between surgery recovery and possible chemotherapy - and reading, researching, "angsting" over that possibility which is no longer a just possibility.

After much soul-searching, I - really We, as Larry is my cohort in this as in life - have decided to go through with it - through the "would," so to speak. I will write more soon with details of the controversy and struggle, but it has been one of, if not THE, most difficult decisions of my life.

Here is the schedule so far, since inquiring minds want to know:

9:00 am massage
11:00 am mainicure pedicure
1:45pm chemotherapy

I really know how to live it up, don't I?

Larry is accompanying me to the chemo as he would never pass up an opportunity to have me tethered to an IV, medicated and vulnerable for a round of Scrabble - taking bets that the 2 1/2 hour infusion will expire before he makes that winning high point word.

Speaking of bets - did a little wig-shopping wiht friends Claire and Iris. Though I didn't involve the universe in the decision to do chemo, I will be taking comments (too lazy ot set up a poll right now) on styles and will send pics with the next post.

All for now - gotta go - chemo!