Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let the Dogs Go Loose - Last post for a while

This poem was sent to my husband by a friend and colleague, Nazare, with the accompanying note: Poetry for light strokes when heavy is like led. Thinking of you, wishing you well.

It is astounding and I have really been touched by it. It represents my own conflictual relationship with the acts of "creating" and "being."

All of us dogs need to be let loose - to be present, enjoy and engage in what exists, look up from our "piecework" and let creativity spring from that.

Hope I'm reading that right - but it works for me - thanks Nazare:

Letting the dogs go loose

Let the dogs go running

They’ve been down too long

Let the dogs go find herbs

Let them make new scents

Let them run the park

To Hide or to bark

Let them, El Retiro

Let them, Central Park

Go by the museum

Find their own Picasso

Let them mix with Gray

Juan would be so happy

If they were what may

May, so full of flowers

Let them now break loose

Mess up Bugambilias

Let the dogs run freedom

Let the dogs now roam

Make some great Kandinsky

Run amuck in Rome


October 20th 2007

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