Wednesday, October 24, 2007

fires and Nina - last post, promise

just wanted to note how stunning it is to be home recovering while Malibu (and San Diego and San Bernadino) is burning - it is frightening and only adds to my sense of appreciation for how much I have - and my desperation to cling to it.

No talisman, no amount of flowers, cookies, chicken soup can possibly touch the wealth I feel from all the care of friends and family. I am blessed so many times over, I've lost count.

Last week, my daughter Nina interrupted her studies to fly down and be with me through the weekend - Nothing has meant more and somehow with all the stories and thank you's posted here, I never got that across -

Just having a momentary cuddle with her, watching "The Lady From Shanghai" - was spectacularly healing. Should make us all realize that we shouldn't wait for sickness or crisis to take those moments in our lives. (ok - delivery crew from Hallmark is removing my soapbox now)


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