Friday, November 16, 2007

Piersimoni charged with lying and
cheating under oath on steroid use

Times Staff Writers

Silver Lake – Anna Marie Piersimoni has admitted to charges of steroid use amid wide speculation that her power-hitting, cancer-blasting, spouse-whipping scrabble match was artificially boosted by one of the infamous steroid medications distributed to mitigate side effects of chemotherapy. After taking husband Larry Brooks by a whopping 3 points in a tightly contested, low-scoring, highly medicated game, AMP tested positive for steroids. She emphatically denied cheating or use of any other "performance enhancing substances" beyond the typical steroid dexamethasone, mangosteen juice, gardenia aromatherapy oil and some medical marijuana. This was Piersimoni's first chemotherapy treatment and first use of these steroids "What accounts for all those pre-cancer scrabble wins at the beach when we were just dating ? Or in those long sitter-less Friday nights during the early child-rearing years of our marriage? How come I won all those then, huh?" No further details were provided, but that revelation figures to complicate AMP's efforts to negotiate a free-agent contract for next season.


Anonymous said...

Wow AMP, you are too clever for words! Especially those minor league Scrabble words. Play on! -Mitch

Anonymous said... the Betty PAge!

Anonymous said...

Amp, the hair is fabulous and the smile even better.


edubble said...

amp - you look fabulous! btw - His and Her on Wilshire is one of my favorite spots if you get the chance - all the best - erin

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

How very flower-child you are in the wig, AMP. We didn't wear the prolie caps back then, but we did "wig out" occasionally (usually under stress or stimulants). I'm not voting until I've seen a number of style choices, at least one worthy of a reigning Scrabble Champ. XO Carol

Millie said...

Now what does it look like without the baseball cap? very cute with it.. I want to see more...glad the first day is good. cheers, val

Anonymous said...

Simply the Best!
much love,

mimi said...

don't forget to use ba (your everlasting soul.) not a high pointer but good for foiling your foes.
i am DIGGING you in long hair, baby! hot, so very very chaude!

白宁 said...

you guys are ridiculous!!! but watch out!!! ...because i've been honing my own scrabble skills this semester, no steroids needed!

as for the wigs, you definitely need to post some more pictures. i like this one, but lose the baseball cap. just because youre on steroids, doesnt mean you need to dress like barry bonds!

Anonymous said...

LOL, you are hysterical. Love the wig, but have to agree with Nina here, you need to lose that cap. Glad to hear the first chemo went well. Love, Terri

The Creativity Network said...

We love you and we'll volunteer to be your best cheerleaders. Scrabble on.


Eleanor is visiting with me in NY today and we vote for the sleek long haired wig. Very elegant Anna, and probably your only chance to look like Lauren Bacall for a while. Furthermore, according to my expert sister on these matters, who chose to take every color and shape of wig offered, she pointed out that the hair is probably attached to the hat, making it more comfortable than many wigs. So Nina and others may need to come to terms with the hat. I love it. Leslie