Saturday, November 17, 2007

On Strike - Wig #2

Who's Got the Bandwidth for This?

This one's for busy days back at the office contemplating the impact of the current WGA strike on my career. As I sidl
ed up to the red light at Paramount Studios heading west on Melrose the other day, my attention was caught by a megaphone plea to "Honk if you love TV" which was eliciting feeble - actually – NO, honking response of support. Now, if I'd been asked to honk if I loved writers, that would be one thing - but this required thought. Do I love TV? All TV? Cable TV? HiDef? Interactive? Mired in this dilemma, I floated aimlessly through the red light to the dismay of vehicles heading east, trying to turn left into the studio lot (most of which I'm sure were filled with studio executives). Well, of course they started honking furiously to the cheers of the picketing potential wage-slaves! You see - even on disability, one can make a difference!

Check out Colbert for more on WGA strike:


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