Friday, October 19, 2007

To Depart or not to depart

Hopefully today is departure day. The pain has really been painful and pain management is critical. We won't know whether AMP will be ready to leave till later this morning/afternoon. In the meantime calls to 213-272-3391, emails, and blogments are welcome.


Unknown said...

Pain is not fun. I hope they figure out some good pain management. I know there have been a lot of articles in the NY TIMES about inadequate pain management and how it actually slows the healing process. Maybe you could use your skills to download some articles and shove them under their collective noses. Meanwhile -- I wish I had your computer help like you've been helping the staff -- everytime I try to answer your Blog on my computer I get the rainbow ball of no return -- a definite drag -- but not as much of a drag as what you are going through. All is relative -- but pain just feels like your pain and hard to experience it as "relative." It hurts. May it not hurt soon. Lots of love and concern, Gretta

Millie said...

a quote from the Treasury of Wisdom:

Pleasure is oft a visitant; but pain
Clings cruelly to us, like the gnawing sloth
On the deer's tender haunches; late and
'Tis scared away by slow - returning pleasure.

Dear Amp, hope it goes away now. love val