Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Planning for the immediate future

To the best of our knowledge AMP will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow morning, ready or not. At this moment both the HMO and AMP are on the same page. Hospitals are not happy places, eventhough this one is across the street from the Disney studio. Recovering is no easy process, even for individuals as capable as AMP. Managing the pain is a challenge,made much worse by arbitrary medical decisions like cutting the vicodin in half. Tension followed as we waited for the doctor from Lakeside who Larry has aptly called doctor-accountant to respond to a page from nursing. Three hour later no response. We had to push the nursing staff to their chagrin to page other physicians to override the doctor-accountant. AMP was understandably pissed as was I.

We will be contacting all you wonderful friends to enlist your aid over the next few days, weeks, how about years. We thought a random system where we will place your names in a basket and blindly pick names as we need help. Alternatively we thought of asking you for your strengths so that we can maximize your effectiveness and our benefit. We will keep you posted.


schneidereye said...

Janna and Amanda say "we miss you and love you" and get better soon! It was great to see you looking so well today. Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight. We are all happy you're heading home. See you in Silverlake...

Big Daddy Oh said...

My strengths are my high pain tolerance and my uncanny ability to unscramble anagrams. Feel free to contact me whenever you need either of these invaluable assets. I'm at your disposal.

Nick DeMartino said...

sounds like a trained munitions expert somewhere in the vicinity of Lakeside might be useful.

Keep walking in the light, and avoid dark shadows cast by medical personnel. N

mimi said...

sometimes patients gotta kick some ass.i say squeak as loud as you need to til you get what you want and need.
bullshit on 3 hours waiting!
so sorry that happened to you.
glad you're getting the heck outta there!
and i love the name outta the hat idea, larry, and yes, throw it back in if it aint that person's forte. plus, all your friends will love the randomness of your requests! can't wait!

Jamie said...

So beings that we're 300+ miles away I'm sure our names won't be at the top of your "these people will help" list... BUT don't fret - or rather, maybe you should *wink* - I will be down to grace you with my presence and that of my lovely family for any and all Thanksgiving festivities to be had.
I promise to bring lots of energy, by way of the kids - and lots of love, by way of all of us. Anything else you need, just name it - we're your family... in many more ways than one.
Sending love as always.