Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The morning after

AMP continues to do well and look well. She is eating, walking, and even had a taste of a cannoli. She is still in pain, a little naseous, still on morphine and still making the dopey jokes. However i do recommend that you ask her to tell her joke about Nina and the chinese boyfiend.

I would like to share an image of healing that came to AMP while she was getting a massage the morning before her surgery. She imagined two breasts that softly fused into one breast that became a third eye. This image dissolved leaving only the eyelash that became the scar of the mastectomy.

back to pragmatics - AMP should be home tomorrow.


白宁 said...

what joke?!?!?! i dont like this!

Laura's Blog said...

Hi Guys,

Can't wait to have you back in the neighborhood. Ann Marie we'll do yoga whenever you're ready and Larry, Mark wants to play tennis!

Love Laura

Laura's Blog said...

ps. everyone at the studio is sending you their good thoughts and prayers.


Leslie Aiken said...

Hi Larry and Anna Marie, we're so glad to hear this mornings' good news, good talking with you Larry. We'll see you this afternoon, Lots of love, Leslie Aiken

So, we're also looking forward to the Nina and the Chinese boyfriend joke, as well as a fine interpretation of 'the dream image'. Hugs and kisses xoxoxox

Virginia jimenez said...

Thanks so much for the updates (and the great humor). We are so glad the procedures and recovery are going so well. Can't wait to see you Anna Marie!


Unknown said...

I just heard from Nick about your operation. I'm sending you mega-doses of healing energy from your old stomping grounds in Atlanta. I am in awe of how you have used your great energy and producing skills to face this bit of rotten luck with such courage and elan! What a photo Nick sent from the hospital! I'm glad to see you looking so good and very relieved to know they got it all.

Please know you and Larry are in my thoughts.
love, Janet

mimi said...

That is a most amazing image. I think you should tell that to women having the same surgery! Hilarious and beautiful, all in one. Just like you.

amp said...

uh-oh - all jokes about Chinese boyfriends will be told on a one-on-one basis with prior approval of number 1 daughter!

Unknown said...

Hi AMP & LARRY... Here's to wicked fast recovery okay!?


Bobby J.

Millie said...

Well Larry, I am with you, this is my first blogging experience and I managed to register. 'Millie'. But I have been out of the loop as I thought these notices would come into my mail box. I realize now that I have to log on to see the info. which really makes sense. so, starrry eyed Anna Marie, we are really happy for you and plan to spend 4 or 5 hours or whatever you need on friday. we will be in San diego sat and sun. Loved your eyelash image, thanks for sharing that...valerie and tim