Thursday, October 18, 2007

Enjoying Burbank for yet another day

Hello all - Well, there was I - begging for an extra ovenight, and now it seems they just won't let me leave. I've been helping all the nurses check my vitals and fixing their web and email issues, so I just might have to break out.

Actually - things are getting better. Had a lot of pain yesterday and the meds made me ill, so the surgeon thought I should hang out one more day. So - a few more laps around the 7th floor and I should be good to go tomorrow.


Jonathan said...

I'm so glad the surgery went well and we're looking forward to seeing you back at Silverlake Yoga. If you'd like a private meditation or guided relaxation session at home while you're recovering, feel free to give me a call (323 459-5779 All my love, Jonathan

Virginia jimenez said...

Dear AMP
I wish I could go see you at the hospital. Unfortunately I came down with a nasty cold which I would not want to pass on to you, so... I look forward to seeing you in the 'hood soon.
Loads of love,

Unknown said...


Now that I have reset my Google account, i hope this will work. I assumed you would be home today - as did you- and was planning on coming by there tomorrow. Sounds like you will just be getting settled.
Let me know if you'd like a visit/help etc. on Friday afternoon. Or Sunday afternoon or Monday morning before 12!
Talk soon.
Much love,

Millie said...

Hi Amp and Larry, we plan to come to see you tomorrow. we can get there early or later, run errands or let Larry run errands, help set up the fridge/food/grocery thing and visit, of course, and cook whats desired, walk the dog/clean? Lets talk in the am for the update.-val and tim (I also can spend tuesday if you want to schedule me in and next friday ). Happy that you both are going home!-cheers, val and tim

Nick DeMartino said...

Hi guys. Thought I would come by Saturday morning after breakfast with my regular guys & bring something yummy that you can have when you want it... think "Italian."

I'll call and check in to see what else is needed. Prayer time. You're number 1 in my prayers. Sweet ambien dreams. NICK

Anita said...

Hi AMP and Larry -

We'll be by on Sunday with something good to eat.

Love to you both -
Anita and Paul

Unknown said...

Hope youre feeling better today. Glad to hear you will be going home. I wish we lived closer so I can see you. Remember when you were a kid and they sneaked me into the hosptial to see you in a duffle bag. Too bad I cant sneak on a plane that way. Talk to you soon. Love Lisa

Unknown said...

Dear Anna Marie,

I am very releived that this part is over. Hospitals can be cold places. We are thinking of you often and we wish that we lived closer.

Fran & Fran

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place.