Friday, October 19, 2007

Departure is imminent

As I blog, AMP is changing into her civies and we will be leaving the hospital shortly. AMP is doing wonderfully. Outside of the mishap with doctor-accountant, the only other problem we encountered was trying to order and upgrade cellphones and try to get the online alleged deals that were advertised. So please call email to say hello and let us know when you are planning to visit.

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Nazare said...

Hello to both of you, although I don't know you Anna Marie, I am getting to know you a bit from here and I wish you very well, inclduing being home to watch whatever TV show does it for you, Fox or no Fox !! =)
I am hoping when you get this you are both cozying up at home and that the pain is much,much better.
Larry, I left you a message on the cell, now you have your kids and wife with you. I hope you can enjoy and relax a bit this week end.
Take great care. I keep you in mind.