Saturday, December 29, 2007

3 down 1 to go

AMP had her third chemo treatment last Thursday. The two weeks leading up to this treatment were difficult due to the exacerabation of her eye allergies that we came to realize after many days of bemoaning allergies worse than cancer, was a nasty, very nasty wishing to cut out one's eyes-side effect of the chemo-therapy for which there is no known ameliorative agent save for the that over utilized and under-acknowledged, multipurpose steroid or morphine if you don't care about performance. Fortunately steroids are prescribed to frame the chemo. AMP not only felt relief from her allergies, but also had the steroidal effect of energy minced with a bit of grandiosity for which there is no pharmacological remedy.

Once again the culinary support was four stars. Thanks to all! It's lovely not to have to shop or cook at critical moments and comforting to feel the love.

I am saddened to report to AMP's fans, that she is no Patriot, and suffered her first cancer scrabble defeat. In spite of the steroids, the grandiosity and the overwhelming support of other cancer patients, their spouses, nurses, and oncologists she lost! The game was decided in the final moment of play as we had to prematurely end the game since the infusion was complete and the nurses wanted to go home. We counted our points, substracted the letters in our hand, and Larry won by two critical points, technically still a victory!

AMP's last chemo treatment is scheduled for January 17. We are looking forward to putting this behind us and holding on to what we have learned and benefitted from.


Unknown said...

Sending love and warm wishes to both of you. An extra income earning proposal: good humor lessons. I'd subscribe. Am amazed by you both (and by your family and friends)!
With a new year, new possibilities, new challenges, new lessons to be learned, new opportunities for love, happiness and joy. Let's welcome what ever happens next. Here's to you in 2008 and every year thereafter.

Anonymous said...

I knew you had it in you Larry! I mean Anna Marie is genious... but she wouldn't marry any less. Glad you're over the hump and on your way to your last treatment AMP. We love you and wish you all health and happiness in the new year!
kisses ♥ jamie

Anonymous said...

Larry and Amp:

You've both been much in my thoughts this holiday season. I hope the New Year not only finds Amp finished with chemo, cancer free, but filled with pleasures and rewards after such trying times. I miss you very much. Love,

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that Larry didn't partake of a little steroids himself, for the performance-enhancing effects? I seem to recall some talk of him taking them in the past during the early years of his competitive career and AMP isn't the only one displaying some teensy sniff of grandiosity in the reporting of these events.....anyway, Larry you ought to come clean now, before you have to perjure yourself before a grand jury

Unknown said...

Holding on to what you have and what you have learned -- looking forward to putting this behind a door marked "the past" -- sounds good. Been thinking of you -- sending love. May 2008 bring you new blessings and brightly painted doors marked "the future." Peace, Gretta