Saturday, November 17, 2007

Por Que No Te Callas? Wig #4

Sorry Folks - Doesn't get any blonder than this! - amp


Unknown said...

Blackeyed Blonde

by Red Hot Chile Peppers

Pumpin’ the blood through the heart of new orleans
She’s the mystic heat of the bourbon street dream
She’s just made out of flesh and bones
But let me tell you little boy
You better leave her alone

Leroy brown thought he was bad too
’till she left him floatin’ in the old bayou
She’s the kind of girl
She’s built like a bomb
She’s the blackeyed blackeyed
Blackeyed blonde, get down !

That blackeyed beauty with the golden BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP
French electric BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP shocking swamp fox
Heaten queen of sleeze she’s hot to box
But let me tell you little boy
She’ll clean your clock

A slick and sly spy
Stuck in the muck of the moat
Blew his mind to find a diamond in the boat
Double-o-dooms day for mr. james bond
She’s the blackeyed blackeyed
Blackeyed blonde, get down !

Millie said...

dear Amp (and Gretta, etc) I think this is the first thing that made me laugh today. You are too much. I've been feeling the heat of too much to do before thanksgivng for stores, etc., lack of an assistant and teaching load. So, I hope we can visit next week, and I'll bring the ring. (thurs or Fri?)

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here with Emily, going through the history on the comp and deleting random links that would give Daddy a clue as to what we are getting him for Christmas (cause you know he's nosey!), when I saw the link to the blog in the history. So of course, thinking of you, I clicked on it and low and behold this is the first thing that pops up! A loud, "OH MY G-D!!!!" came out of my mouth. Just ask Emily. I think this one's a keeper - seriously. When else can you get away with wearing road kill?? ;) Glad you are keeping your spirits up.


Sara & Emily

Ophelia Chong said...

Duran Duran or how about Quiet Riot?