Friday, August 6, 2010

A Walk in the Park

I know by now you all must be wondering how I was so much more capable of blogging after a bilateral mastectomy w/breast reconstruction/tissue expanders than after a simple little level 1 spinal fusion with instrumentation. Allow me to make some excuses:

I can't sit up and type.
I must roll like a "cigar" to get up for anything.
When I am not lying in bed straining my neck to read and type I must be walking...and walking...and walking.

But here's the thing...I AM walking - just a day or 2 after back surgery. Amazing.

And - I am going home tomorrow - where I can stand comfortably and type - when I'm not walking.

And as I walk, I think of all of my good fortune - I am so grateful for the love and support I've received for yet another invasive medical adventure (which is truly s much easier experience than the first, I kid you not.

I mean, really - who knew back surgery could be such a walk the park?



Unknown said...

more than impressive...
very cool...jpf

schneidereye said...

Hurray! Looking forward to seeing you...more from the bionic woman, miraculously. So happy things are going so well. We are back from Big Sur...bringing greetings and salutations. Love, iris and paul and the girls

Anonymous said...

Awesome amp.glad is all going so well. See you in the hood. Virginia

iDoggiebag Foundation said...

Oh Thank God you are at least Walking!!! You amazing Woman!!! Keep up your wonderful spirit...And we'll pray for quick healing....

Marta said...

I always admired your uplifting attitude toward difficult things, but that??

Kathy A. McDonald said...

Glad surgery helped your pain--new lease on life, re-engineered to perfection! xxoo

Mitch said...

Hi Amp so glad you are doing so well so soon! Been thinking about you a lot. You are truly amazing. An inspiration!

Leslie said...

Tom and I leave for Switzerland on Saturday. We'll walk up and down hills pretending you're with us!
lots of love...L

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