Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chemo #2

Ok - so, first the real news - of course, I won at Scrabble - swear I'm not cheating. In fact - I couldn't - there was an elderly Asian lady across the room from me that stared like a hawk every time it was my turn to pick letters from the little velvet bag (who I am sure my husband hired as a plant). When her "husband" came in to pick her up, she spoke in rapid Chinese or Korean or . . . whatever, every so often flashing a look in my direction with the word "amp" clearly sprinkled throughout the otherwise foreign conversation while nodding to the spot on the floor where the tiles kept falling out of the bag due to the IV on my right hand.

That said - the side effects are blessedly minimal once again and I am doing fine - in fact I won at Scrabble again while writing these last couple blog entries.

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